Let it out now.

JOIN US! HERe's how:

1. Start your own #ICANTKEEPQUIET Choir:

We are committed to promoting community and healing through harmonizing with one another. Help us build meaningful opportunities for your neighbors by starting your own choir.  DOWNLOAD THE #ICANTKEEPQUIET CHOIR KIT HERE. 

2. Get our swag:

We believe in giving back to causes we believe in. 15% of all proceeds of merch will go directly to the Los Angeles sector of Step Up. Remaining funds will help us continue the #ICANTKEEPQUIET campaign. GO TO STORE.

3. Submit a story:

We believe that sharing our vulnerabilities has the power to heal pain, and to help us become the best version of ourselves. Submit a story of yourself or a someone you know who has gone the distance in order to voice his/her truth. We would love to create art inspired by your stories. SUBMIT STORY HERE

4.  Contribute to the hashtag, #ICANTKEEPQUIET:

We believe that social media has the power to spark real life actions towards building community and peace. On whichever platform(s) you desire, hashtag your photo, text, or video with #ICANTKEEPQUIET. 

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