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MILCK x I Can't Keep Quiet x Girl Up

A creative collaboration to embolden our girl leaders. 

Who is Girl up?

Girl Up is a girl-centered leadership development initiative by the United Nations Foundation, focusing on equity for girls and women in spaces where they are unheard or underrepresented. Operating a global network of regional affiliates impacting 270,000 girls and youth leaders in 155 countries and all 50 U.S. states, Girl Up develops transformative leaders who advance gender justice worldwide. Girl Up’s programs utilize leadership tools like advocacy, fundraising, storytelling, organizing to help girls build self-confidence, personal accountability and long-term aspirations.  

What does this partnership entail? 

MILCK’s partnership with Girl Up, with support from Procter & Gamble, explores the themes of the "I Can't Keep Quiet" documentary as a framework to develop tools for and with young leaders to drive social change:

  • The power of telling one’s story

  • The power of witnessing others bear their truths 

  • Speaking out against gender-based violence

  • Making tough decisions

  • Creating authentic relationships with accountability 

  • Embracing inclusivity

After watching the “I Can’t Keep Quiet” documentary, a select group of Girl Up youth leaders will create a comprehensive study guide to accompany the documentary. MILCK and filmmakers will hold intermittent conversations to support the youth-led process. 

After this committee finalizes the study guide, Girl Up will distribute the film to their global audience, and invite youth leaders from all countries to delve deeper into the film's themes. Our hope is that the experience will foster creative action within their own communities. 

Our collaboration includes various engagements:

Documentary Screening: Exclusive screenings for Girl Up youth activists.

Working Group Calls and Mentoring: Virtual meetings to co-create the guide, with MILCK's participation.

Given the sensitive nature of the documentary’s themes, we will ensure the emotional well-being of youth leaders through:​

  • Support from trained Girl Up staff

  • Trauma-informed consultation from the Joe Torre Safe At Home Foundation

Impact Measurement

To understand the impact of our efforts, we will collect data through opt-in questions and post-program questionnaires, assessing the documentary's ability to inspire change.

The program will be announced June 2024. Visit back early fall of 2024 for updates!

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